and development

A continuous investment

The design of solutions able to completely fulfil their jobs with efficiency and able to punctually satisfy the customer’s exigencies, needs a continuous investment in research and development. This approach guarantees the use of innovative technologies, the process optimization
and the capacity to go on in being the benchmark in the production of heat treatment equipments. Cieffe dedicates every year, the 4% of its own budget to go on in the research of technical solutions for improving the processes and our equipments reliability.
The Cieffe objective is the creation of advanced systems able to autonomously produce, with a continuous decreasing of the operative cost and emission in the atmosphere.    


Respecting nature
for a environment sustainable industry

The development is real when it is supportable. In every operative phase we dedicate a strong attention so that every activity is made with strong awareness and with all due respect to environment. An important responsibility that lead us to carefully choose the first matters and cooperators able to share with us principles, objectives and sensibility.
Among the different systems used by Cieffe for reaching this important objective, we can include for instance the possibility to use the heat which comes out from the heating systems installed in the furnaces, for heating other parts of the equipment, the customer facility, the needed fluids for other operations, for pre-heating pieces to treat or for heating other facilities.
Cieffe uses in the most part of its applications, where it is possible, ecological materials and highly recyclable materials. The use of ecological materials it’s important not only for the worker protection and garbage disposal but for the reduction of noxious emissions in the atmosphere too.
Reduced emissions
Energy efficiency
Environmental protection
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