washing machines

Machines used for washing of small metal pieces

These washing machines, are particularly indicated for the treatment of small metal pieces (bolts, nuts, fittings, fasteners in general, taps, etc.).
They are easily integrated into heat treatment lines with quenching in oil and salt.
Due to the rotation of the screw, which allows parts to be washed to be constantly on the move, and the spray system installed, you will get excellent cleaning results.
Clearly drum plants are the ideal technical solution for those particular, that may come into contact with each other, without getting damaged or engage.

The main technical features are:
• washing continuous and automatic
• washing with immersion, ultrasonic and spray rinse
• automatic loading of parts through a vibrating system with de-oiling device
• drum specially shaped stainless steel, perfect for small parts
• optimum distribution of the material on the vibrant system of the tempering furnace.

Heat treatments & materials:

Heat treatments and materials of Drum washing machines.
Bolts & screws
Heat treatments:

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