Endothermic gas generators

Gas generators for the production of protective atmosphere in the treatment area

The endothermic gas generators are used to produce a protective atmosphere in the treatment area. In the furnaces are commonly used gases of different composition and characteristics, in order to properly interact with the treated materials.

Cieffe proposes gas generators for most heat treatments. Available with electric or gas heating system, are composed of one or more heated metal retorts, inside of which will be produced the protective gas, using gaseous components, such as air, methane, propane, ammonia, introduced separately or mixed among them.

The reaction of formation of the protective gas is facilitated by suitable metal catalysts. After that, the protective gas is cooled, moisture contained in it is condensed or dried to make it suitable to the treatment to which it is necessary.

Heat treatments & materials:

Heat treatments and materials of Endothermic gas generators.
Shafts & pins
Bolts & screws
Gears & gear wheels
Springs & clips
Small items
Iron & steel castings
Forged components
Heat treatments:
Quenching & tempering

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