Conveyor belt furnaces
for sintering

Furnaces for sintering-hardening of components

One of the main features of these continuous conveyor belt furnaces is the treatment uniformity. The components to be treated are placed in sequence on the belt, well distributed and, therefore, undergo the same temperature gradients, as they make their way through the furnace.

These furnaces may be heated electrically or through gas, using different protective atmospheres, for heat treatments, such as:
– sintering
– sintering-hardening

Particular attention has been placed on the design and construction of the continuous conveyor belt furnaces for sintering-hardening of components, obtained by pressing metallic powders bound together. With this treatment, no other process is required, we have the finished product.

Heat treatments & materials:

Heat treatments and materials of Conveyor belt furnaces for sintering.
Sintered products
Heat treatments:

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