Roller hearth furnaces for

Furnaces for high temperature treatments of heavy components

The roller furnaces are commonly used for high temperature treatments of heavy components in comparison to mesh belt conveyor furnaces, seeing that the latter have a limited yield point when it comes down to heavy loads and high temperatures.
Another advantage of the roller furnaces is that they provide great energy savings since there is no conveyor to be heated.

The rollers are normally made of ceramic material which have great mechanical resistance at working temperatures and limited deflection.

Roller furnaces are mainly used in the metal powder sintering sector, in rapid steel treatments, in solution heat-treatment of stainless steel stamped objects, such as sinks, food containers, basins, saucepans, etc.

Heat treatments & materials:

Heat treatments and materials of Roller hearth furnaces for sintering.
Gears & gear wheels
Sintered products
Heat treatments:

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