Vacuum chamber
washing machines

Chamber washing machines for pre-washing and washing

The machines are equipped with tanks containing washing and rinsing liquids, which are located under the treatment chamber.
The pumps allow to withdraw the cleaning solution in each of the baths, to carry out the treatments of washing or rinsing, using spray process or immersion.
The treatment chamber is also equipped with step of dripping, dehumidification and drying in vacuum.

The drying unit consists of a condenser for water recovery, two pumps, a discharge capacitor.
The pumps can bring the vacuum in the chamber up to 30 mbar absolute with possibility to dispose of an important quantity of water.
A group of ultra-filtration eliminates waste from the tanks and the water of the two tanks remains always in perfect condition.

Heat treatments & materials:

Heat treatments and materials of Vacuum chamber washing machines.
Shafts & pins
Heat treatments:

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