8 February 2024



Italian Furnace equipment manufacturer Cieffe Thermal Systems S.r.l. and Germany based AVION Europe GmbH & Co. KG just announced a formal strategic cooperation for services, spare parts as well as new equipment sale for the German heat treatment market.

“Starting from March 1st, 2024, AVION Europe will be engaged with our German customers, suppling original Cieffe spare parts and all services around our furnace lines. This includes brick work, maintenance and revamping or upgrading productive assets to industry 4.0/5.0 of almost 600 furnaces in the German market” explains Peter Schweighofer, CEO of Cieffe International based in Zug, Switzerland.

As part of our growth strategy, we are happy to announce this single most important expansion into the German market, by engaging with one of the most experienced, and locally rooted German service companies as a partner. Addressing our customer’s needs while equally expanding our franchise for international customer groups alike, is a value chain addition on both sides of the equation”, Schweighofer concluded.


Hagen (Westfalen) based AVION Europe started its business in Germany in 1995. After ten years of selling quality spare parts, AVION in the last 15 years developed to a full-Service company in the industrial heat treatment industry.

“For AVION Europe this cooperation is a milestone in its company history, and we are happy to support one of the major players in the European furnace market” Roland Caminades,

Managing Director of AVION Europe comments the development.

The official announcement was published by Angelo Scipione (Sales Director Cieffe) and Sebastian Köchling (Co-Director of AVION Europe) during the first AVION Customer Convention (ACC) in Kleve.