and lines

Design and realization of furnaces and heat treatment lines, complet automatically working . Our products are characterized by a high technological value combined with maximum flexibility.


Our wide range of products allows us to meet the diverse customers needs of manufacturing and process requests, ensuring a high quality result, being careful to contain production costs and comply with regulations.


Designers of automations and complex systems

Custom projects and plants development

This kind of line combines different plants and is the result of the constant research and development Cieffe is undertaking. As a matter of fact, these are plants which Cieffe designs and constructs with special characteristics, in
order to satisfy particular requirements of her customers. In this typology have been produced: Automatic belt lines for hardening and tempering of self-hardening stainless steel; Automatic lines for press-hardening furnaces withroller movement; Automatic chamber-forced roller austemperinglines; Automatic
lines for the treatment of aluminiumparts; Automatic lines with high productivity for the annealing of precious metals; Mixed automatic lines with continuous and discontinuous plants having one or more stores, even with different loading dimensions.
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