Roller hearth furnaces for
solution quench

Furnaces for a series of aluminum alloys

This heat treatment is applied to a series of aluminum alloys, which are hardened after natural or artificial aging has taken place.
The large amounts of parts to be treated (wheels in aluminum alloy, rotor heads, etc.) have led us to the construction of these roller lines.
The parts to be treated are loaded on standard trays and moved in a stop-and-go process managed by electronic sensors.

The furnaces for solution treatment and aging normally work at low temperatures, therefore, for a better temperature uniformity, forced air convection is normally used.
These furnaces are often equipped with preheating chambers, high speed lifts for fast quenching in water, traveling lifts of the loading trays and loading and unloading store areas. Treatment times, temperatures and movements of the auxiliary equipment are fully computerized and based on the operating procedures set by the operator.

Heat treatments & materials:

Heat treatments and materials of Roller hearth furnaces for solution quench.
Blocks & engine heads
Containers & basins for food
Kitchen sinks
Heat treatments:
Quenching & tempering
Solution quench

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